ILI-TONER (200 ml)

Gentle toning

When you should use it?

  • all skin types including sensitive and irritated skin
How it works
  • it tones the skin
  • it stimulates and lightens the skin
  • it brings back radiance
  • it makes skin smooth and moisturized
Active ingredients
  • CytoFruit®Waters Green Mandarin BI0099 
  • ribose
79.00 PLN

Some claim that using toner is an unnecessary stage in everyday skin care routine and can be omitted. However, this product has a very important task to perform.

The extra power of this product: bringing pH level back to normal
When it comes to bringing back natural pH level, only toner can perform this task successfully. Why is it so important? Most cleansing products have basic pH – it’s necessary for deep facial cleansing. However, leaving the skin with this pH level without bringing it back to normal makes it prone to infectious bacteria, which can make skin problems more severe. That’s when ILI-TONER comes in and brings back acid pH. Because of this, skin is moisturized and more immune to external factors.

It’s all about the power of nature
ILI-TONER works gently but effectively at the same time. And it’s all because of natural substances that serve as toner’s active ingredients. Biologically active green tangerine water revitalizes and moisturizes the complexion and ribose stimulates it and gives it a boost of energy. What is more, it can be used for all skin types.

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