L-CREAM (50 ml)

Lactobionic Acid Cream

When you should use it?

  • acne
  • oily skin
  • rosacea
  • mature skin

How it works

  • it reduces inflammation and blackheads
  • it regulates sebaceous glands activity
  • it has bacteriostatic properties
  • it soothes red, irritated skin
  • it calms, moisturizes and makes skin smooth

Active ingredients

  • lactobionic acid 
  • abyssinian oil  
  • trehalose 
159.00 PLN

L-CREAM Lactobionic Acid Cream 

Acne prone skin is especially vulnerable to harmful influence of external factors. That’s why it’s necessary to create a protective barrier to keep it safe. And that’s when moisturizing L-CREAM with lactobionic acid comes in.

The extra power of this product: protection against imperfections without making the skin dry

L-CREAM moisturizes the skin, makes its texture smooth, reduces inflammation and regulates sebaceous glands activity. It’s good both for adults with mature skin and teenagers who suffer from acne. That’s why, L-CREAM can be also used by your son or daughter.  

What makes L-CREAM is so effective?

Lactobionic acid is a strong antioxidant which protects skin from free radicals, soothes irritation and has bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory properties. Abyssinian oil prevents skin from drying out. It’s very important as far as acne skin care is concerned. Thanks to proper active ingredients concentration, L-CREAM will help you get rid of blackheads and will prevent them from coming back.

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